'Mike Bruton Imagineering' offers expert services in the following five fields:

Authorship, Science Centre Development, Aquatic Research Management, Inspirational and informative talks on science, technology and the environment, and Imagineering

These services are offered on an individual or a collaborative basis with experts in related fields.



Mike is an experienced writer of technical and popular scientific texts and is available to author commissioned books, reports and the contents for blogs.

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"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones"

John Maynard Keynes


Science Centre Development

Mike Bruton has extensive experience in interactive science centre conceptualization, design, implementation and operation at the regional and international level.

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Aquatic Resource Management

Mike is a qualified ichthyologist with extensive experience in southern and eastern Africa and the Middle East.

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"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."

John Lennon


Imagineering, finding novel solutions to the challenges faced by modern society.

Mike has developed many innovative insights and practical solutions during his work in different fields. He has, for instance, proposed the concept of the Information Value Chain to explain the role of modern interactive science centres and museums in society.

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Information Value Chain